Tracking Social Selling

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Tracking Social Selling

We want to roll out a social selling strategy to our reps, mainly based around sharing our content on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Sales management is thinking about incentivizing this, which is great, but is there a way in Marketo to track which reps have the most influence, or at least which reps have actually shared the content?



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Re: Tracking Social Selling

Tim Gilbert​, a simple method for this would be to just tag the URLs being shared with custom UTMs and have an individual tag for each sales rep.

You could look at your web page activity reports and filter by UTM to see which reps are bringing in the most traffic.

You could also have hidden fields on forms to accept those UTMs and add them to the lead record, so you can see the influence of reps all the way to opportunity.

This is a simple start and is not perfect -- there are more robust methods but you could get started with this approach fairly easily.