Tracking Reengagement - Reports & Smart Lists

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Tracking Reengagement - Reports & Smart Lists



I am trying to track leads that are re-engaging after X amount of time. Is there a way to set up a report or smart list that shows people whose last activity (excluding email delivered/sent) happened in the last 30 days, who were previously unengaged for the last 6 months?




I have smart lists of unengaged leads, and smart lists of engaged leads–Is there a way to track when people move from one smart list to another?

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Re: Tracking Reengagement - Reports & Smart Lists

Hi! It sounds like you've got all the building blocks, but here's what I'd suggest (some of which you already have). 


1. Create a smart list with the criteria for non-engagement. Keep in mind that Marketo only retains certain engagement data past 90 days (here's the list of caveats: You might want to use "not filled out form" and/or "not program status changed" in the last six months before the last 30 days or "between" a specific date / time frame.

2. Then, add the following to that same smart list (or include in a separate smart list on top of the first smart list): who has engaged in the last 30 days.

When you combine those lists in that way, you end up with:
[People who didn't engage for 6 months leading to the last 30 days] AND [People who engaged in the last 30 days] = Your Answer

The tricky part here is the non-engaged list. You need to set specific enough time criteria to avoid overlapping with the last 30 days in your example.