Tracking multiple channels separately as well as one single marketing activity

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Tracking multiple channels separately as well as one single marketing activity

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I have a question and I'm hoping someone with more Marketo experience can help clear things up: let's say we are preparing the launch of an ebook. This launch includes a linkedin ad, links on the website, a press release, an email sendout, sharing it on social media, and so on.

What would be the best way for us to measure this campaign as a whole (we would want to look at total download numbers, total net new leads created, performance i.e. contribution to pipeline, etc.). Additionally, we would want to track all the channels mentioned above (number of downloads and net new leads generated by each channel, how each channel performed individually and so on).

Do we need to create a program for each channel in particular? Do we need to append the same acquisition program to each channel? Should we have  separate acquisition programs per channel?

To make it more complicated, we're not using regular forms here. We've integrated Marketo with PathFactory, which allows us to create content tracks for each of our resources. So for example when people want to download this ebook I've mentioned earlier, they don't only access the ebook, they get access to a bunch of other similar resources. They would all be part of the same content track, and the main piece would be the ebook. We're also currently using different PathFactory generated links for each channels we want to promote the ebook content track. So for example, this track would have one link for social, another one for email, another one for the LinkedIn ad and so on. The link for the email would not be gated for example. So the content track would be gated (though a Marketo form - since we are using one single form for all content tracks, we are using a referrer parameter = SF  campaign id within the form, and a web request program that changes the status to influenced, sets one single acquisition program that isbasically named PathFactory Content, and adds everyone who fills in the form to the corresponding SF campaign) for some of the channels, and ungated for others.


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Re: Tracking multiple channels separately as well as one single marketing activity

Hi Clara,

Search the community for offer-channel attributions. At some point, if you need something really sophisticated, you will need to integrate your web analytics tools with your form capture system so that you can share the information with Marketo.