Top of funnel reporting

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Top of funnel reporting

Hi all! I'm looking for some top of funnel reporting for Marketo. Right now, I'm pretty frustrated with having to pull several reports, combine them and then throw them into PowerPoint to show an overall campaign progression. We want to show emails with open rates, click rates, and then the landing page performance with form fills. All of the items before we would send it to sales and start doing reporting in RCA or Salesforce. Does anyone know of a program or an easy way to do this? I'm looking for something that I can use to create a dashboard type feature for our execs to help gauge what's working and what they want to see. 
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Re: Top of funnel reporting

The closes that would show this would be the Program summary page, which you can export.  Depending on the progression statuses you have configured in your channel it would show opens, clicks and conversions (form fills).  However, you would still have to add cells with formulas to calculate the open, click and conversion rates.  And you need to add the higher progression status numbers to the ones above it.  In the example below, the number of opens is actually 48 (45 + 3) and the number sent is 247 (199+45+3).