Timing Requirements for Bizible Attribution Touchpoints

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Timing Requirements for Bizible Attribution Touchpoints

Hi Bizible Community!


For the Lead Creation and First Touch touchpoints, in order to get attribution credit, do these touch points need to take place before the opportunity was created?  Is this the same for all models (W-Shaped, Full Path, First Touch, etc.)?  I know the documentation says that the only requirement for timing is that it needs to be before the Close Date.  Is this true for the W-shaped model too? Let's say the lead creation touchpoint or the first touch touch points happen after opportunity create date, would they still get the allocated percentage credit?  Are there any difference between how this works when reporting on Pipeline Revenue vs. Revenue?


And in general, are there any other timing nuances to understand beyond what's explicitly written in the documentation, especially when things happen in a different order than described in the documentation?


Just as an FYI in case this helps, we are using Account ID as our mapping method.


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Re: Timing Requirements for Bizible Attribution Touchpoints

Hi @johnteifel !


I believe I know what you are asking but I also want to clarify a few things to ensure I don't cause confusion.


So for your question around do the FT and LC touchpoints need to take place before the opportunity was created I want to clarify for BTs (Bizible Touchpoints) these are associated with the lead object and therefore the opportunity doesn't matter, as BTs will never include an OC or CW. For BATs (Bizible Attribution Touchpoints) since you are using the Account matching, you likely have multiple people with their own BATs associated with the Opportunity, and the BATs on the opp will be timing based in the sense that Bizible will associate the TP that was the closest to the milestone for that account and opportunity. Therefore, the Opportunity will have to have an FT and LC before the OC - however it is also possible that this can all be the same touchpoint. So you would see the touchpoint position as FT, LC, OC. The timing is true for all models, where the touchpoint that was closest to the milestone activity will get the touchpoint position, but First Touch Model doesn't take into account opportunities, so you will not see that TP position in that model.


Another document that may help is this one! https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/bizible/using/configuration-and-setup/getting-started-with-b...


Let me know if there are further questions.