third party webinar integration with webhook

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third party webinar integration with webhook

I’m new to webhooks and could use some assistance with alternative ideas.
Our company uses a third party webinar platform that uses a webhook to capture event information. I was originally told that I should create a webhook for each event, but I'm searching for alternative ways.

Below is an excerpt from the integration guide where I can use the Merge Field option. I think I have to create a custom field for the Webinar ID within Marketo first, but I’m not quite sure. Plus what would I have to do to get the information to pass through from the form to webhook? Can I use a hidden field?

Select the options of how you would like to pass over the Webcast ID. You can either manually enter a Webcast ID or you may select a Marketo Lead field that you would like to pull the Webcast ID from. You can also select whether or not you would like the Webcasts system to send a confirmation email out. Note: When the Merge field option is selected, the Webcast ID must exist on the Marketo Lead record in the specified field or the registrations will fail.
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Re: third party webinar integration with webhook

It sounds like you would create a field on the lead object in Marketo to contain the webinar ID, then populate this via hidden fields in your forms.

I think you could tokenize your event programs so that you just enter the webinar ID in the token and have it pass through to your form fields.

Then when someone registers, the webinar ID in the hidden field would become part of the lead record. In your registration flow, you could then call the webhook and pass the merge field as discussed in the doc.

This is my best guess based on what you've posted, but pretty sure that is how it would need to work.

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