SystemModStamp Solution

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SystemModStamp Solution

I saw a few threads on this but they were a bit older and many contained broken links, so hoping to gather some up-to-date info.


I am working with our SalesOps team to implement the SystemModStamp workaround. For those not familiar, Marketo does not update cross-object formula fields during it's regular sync updates because MKTO is unable to tell when those fields are updated. This is because cross-object formula fields do not trigger an update to the SystemModStamp admin field, which is what MKTO relies on when updating data.


I know there's a workaround in SFDC involving process builders. I was hoping to get some more information/documentation/examples that I could pass on to our SalesOps team to help them implement the solution. Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: SystemModStamp Solution

Hi @Malik_Zafar2 ,


I feel your pain, we've had this in the past too. Unfortunately I don't think we ever arrived at (or at least implemented) an automated solution. We used to periodically get our SFDC admin to trigger a "fake update" on the modstamp every month or so.


Thinking about it though, if you had a field on Contact that would change each time that formula field was updated, that would trigger the modstamp change and Marketo would then sync it in. If the formula field is on the related Account, hopefully that isn't too horrible a solution. But because I'm not on the SF side I haven't tried this myself.