Re: Syncing Marketo to Dynamics and Missing Data

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Syncing Marketo to Dynamics and Missing Data

We turned on our Marketo > MS Dynamics (on-prem 2011) sync a few months ago, but haven't done much beyond that. Before I turn on flows to automatically send leads of a certain score to the Leads table for sales, I'm testing some individual syncing via selecting leads and sending them to Dynamics.

I'm finding that not all of my fields are coming over. On looking at it more closely, some of them are duplicated fields (uses) with different names. Why? Because we set up our Marketo instance before we had a real CRM to sync it to, and created a BUNCH of custom fields in Marketo we probably no longer need.

I know I change our process and flows and do a ton of clean up to just use ONE of those fields instead of BOTH.

But in a few other cases, I cannot find a possible duplicate field, and the data still isn't coming over.

How do I fix this?

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Re: Syncing Marketo to Dynamics and Missing Data

Hi Heather,

For the fields that do not have data syncing down, were they added after the initial sync? If so, you will need to have support perform a resync on the entity the fields live on. This is because if a new field is added to the sync and it has data in it, none of those changes were written to the Marketo log so Marketo doesn't pull them down.

Additionally you will want to make sure that all of your users have the "Marketo Sync User" security role so any updates they make are written to the Marketo log and synced down to Marketo. If you have users missing this role or permissions to write to the log, you will need a resync done to catch the updates that were missed by the sync.

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Re: Syncing Marketo to Dynamics and Missing Data

Hi Mel,

No, the fields were not added after the initial sync.

When you say all of my users, you mean all of my Marketo users, or all of my CRM users?



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Re: Syncing Marketo to Dynamics and Missing Data

Hey Heather,

Just the sync user needs to have the marketo sync user role and not all the marketo users.