synccustomobjects in action

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synccustomobjects in action

Hi all,

Has anyone put the "synccustomobjects" API in action?

We are trying to use a custom object called Demande (Demande__c) in SFDC. That custom object can be linked to leads or contacts in SFDC through lookup fields (demande__c.Lead__c and demande

That custom object has been mapped in Marketo and the relations renamed "Demande du Lead" for the Demande__c that are linked to SFDC leads and "Demande du Contact" for the Demande__c that are linked to SFDC contact.

When inserting new demande__c in Marketo, how do we tell Marketo to which Marketo lead this Demande__c should be added? And how will this Demande__c will be passed to SFDC and linked in SFDC to the proper lead or contact?

Thanks for your help,
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Re: synccustomobjects in action

If you have created 2 fields, you will have to specifically call upon each field when using in smart campaigns or list uploads.
i.e. in Flow, add a choice, if SFDC Type is LEAD - Update your lead field. If SFDC Type is CONTACT - Update your contact field.