Sync All Of My Campaigns to SFDC

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Sync All Of My Campaigns to SFDC

We're in final stages of our new SFDC implementation and I need to sync all of my campaigns to SFDC. Is there a way to do these in a large batch, as opposed to going through every individual program?
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Re: Sync All Of My Campaigns to SFDC

I don't see any other way to connect all your programs to individual SFDC campaigns.
Within all programs there is a link for you to search and connect each SFDC campaign.

Unless your simply trying to add leads/contacts to SFDC campaigns from marketo/smart campaigns you can run a series of smart campaigns to identfy your members and add them to SFDC campaigns by using the flow step 'Add to SFDC Campaign'.

You will need to have all your SFDC campaigns set up first, then select all memebers and run a flow action to add them to that sfdc campaign.