Sweepstakes Needs Updates - Feature is a Flop

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Sweepstakes Needs Updates - Feature is a Flop

I might be misunderstanding a couple things, but so far I am using this feature and it is creating more issues than it would be if we just used a 3rd party.

With members of our digital department using products such as Woobox I was excited to test out the sweepstakes feature.

Initially it looked great, but in my initial test we have encountered a couple issues.

First, the app connector shows marketo rather than your company which seems like it would look fishy to a consumer.

Second, on the fulfillment email i am using program tokens, (banners and links that have UTM tracking built into them on the program level) from what I understand from support, the emails that are sent as a result of the sweepstakes function cannot use program templates. So it seems silly to have to change the way I create and template my emails for one feature. Also it looks like you can reference people through a fills out from trigger to have the fulfillment email be sent outside of the sweepstakes.

Third, all of the people who are filling out a form through the widget are created as duplicates lead record.


Forth, other vendors pull in all social data found on facebook profile 

Fifth, when looking through sweepstakes entries, there isn't an easy way to click out to the facebook accounts of your entries..

If you want to check out how we are using it visit - Wet Republic 12 Days of Christmas you may even win a prize πŸ˜‰

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Re: Sweepstakes Needs Updates - Feature is a Flop

Yea, I'd say that's pretty annoying that Marketo comes up as the company getting your info -- although, I get it. Marketo is getting access, not you guys. I'd say that for someone who doesn't know what Wet Republic is, I got a little nervous it would be totally NSFW when I saw the image related to posting on Facebook. I had to do a quick Google search to learn more!

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Re: Sweepstakes Needs Updates - Feature is a Flop

We had a similar initial reaction.  You will need to complete a 4-page "Branding the β€œAllow” Screen and Share Experience" document and then work with Marketo professional services (for a fee, of course) to properly brand this for your company.

A while back, I posted this discussion to the community, hoping to get some more insight on where Marketo is taking its social capabilities: Re: Anyone using the Marketo "Social Boost & Promotion" add-on? Is it worth it for B2B marketers...