String Tokens

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String Tokens

We've used string tokens in our emails for some time and all were set up before I started. We use "lead sales director email" to push specific sales director names for our customer emails yet now that two sales directors have left I am trying to remove them from that token email, which is a string token. I've gone into the field management area to find the specific token details and even changed the flow of the affected sales directors to have their emails pushed to a different sales director, but that change is not impacting a current email draft we're testing. Looking for assistance. Thanks. 

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Re: String Tokens

Hey Pete,

I'm not entirely clear from reading your question, so correct me if I'm wrong: you've had two staff members leave, and now need to prevent their details being populated into the body of emails and prevent sales alerts being sent to them. It's a bit unclear from your question, but I'm assuming you're using lead tokens (i.e., the token is structured as {{lead.Token Name}}, not {{my.Token Name}}).

It'd be helpful if you could provide screenshots, but as a starting point, if you're using lead tokens then what you're doing is asking Marketo to pull the value of that field on the lead record - which means it's not the token that needs to change, but the values in the field that token references. How best to do this may depend on your set up - if you're connected to a CRM, whether you have assignment rules for these in Marketo or only CRM side, whether the CRM will allow you to overwrite this setting from Marketo or not, etc.

I'd start by figuring out those points.