Stream name back from GET /rest/v1/leads/programs/{programId}.json

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Stream name back from GET /rest/v1/leads/programs/{programId}.json

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out in my data extract how to determine what 'Stream' a lead is currently in. I'm using a control group stream to not send email to 10% of the leads and now need to do reporting off of who is in that stream.


An old post from 2016 says its not possible, but the documentation here,!/Leads... made it look like it was. It has a reference to the stream (see below): 

ProgramMembership {

stream (string, optional):

Stream that the lead is a member of, if the parent program is an engagement program


The problem we are having is when we call that endpoint the stream field isn't returned. We then thought we may have to include it as part of the optional 'fields' parameter, but that just throws a script error.


Am I misreading the documentation or setting up the json call incorrectly.