Social Share button - Network icons disappear

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Social Share button - Network icons disappear

Hi all -

I've been working on a Social Share button for a LP, associated with an email I'm trying to get out today.

I opened it up this morning to edit it and accidentally clicked on the checkbox associated with FB (unchecking it, as if I didn't want the Share button to show the FB icon). I quickly re-checked it, and continued to edit... after saving the button, I went to preview, and the FB icon was missing. I went back into edit the button... and it appeared to still be "checked," but, sure enough, the icon was gone. To test further, I then un-checked the Twitter and LinkedIn boxes, then re-checked them... Saved, Previewed... lo and behold, all of the icons are now missing.

(Also, seems like I've been getting pop-up error messages fairly often in the Share Button editing screens)...

That said:

- How can I get the network icons to re-appear?

- Are there any other bugs I should be looking out for? (Had an issue with the text in the FB editing section on Friday, but that's been patched up (Thanks!!!))

- Has this been buggy or successful on your end? Just making sure t's are crossed before we use for the first time.

Thanks! - Jen
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Re: Social Share button - Network icons disappear

Please log a support case - we'll investigate asap