Social Media fill form design

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Social Media fill form design

Hey all,

I´ve generated a form and added the social media form fill out option.

When I add it to the Landing Page, this section is not editable to make it larger or at least expand to the length of the form.

Is there any way to do that?


Thank you.

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Re: Social Media fill form design

Hi Sonia,

It's quite hard to fix. You can ask a CSS specialist to give it a look, but last time we looked, we could not make it nicer.

We ended up stopping using this feature, since anyway, very very few people would use it, for fear that we could capture too many information and also because Marketo pops up frightening warning when the visitor clicks on it.

I would rather give a serious look at the new LinkedIn Lead Gen feature, it seems far more promising to me.

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