SMS Automation

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SMS Automation

Our sales team currently uses LiveMessage within our CRM (Salesforce) to send text messages to prospects. They use it to send customized links, request documents, and to opt-in leads who aren't already opted in. And just to chat with the prospect, too. 

Now, we want to use triggers to automate some of those messages. We also want those messages to come from the rep's long code phone number. We want the prospect to see the automated messages, the rep's messages, and their own replies all in the same conversation.

We've explored using short code numbers to send marketing messages outside of the rep's 1-to-1 conversations, but it's not the solution we want. Does anyone out there recommend a third-party integration? Have you had success sending texts on the reps behalf, where the rep could pick up the conversation once the prospect replies?

This is a new channel for us, and we're learning, so please let me know if any clarification or additional background would help.

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Re: SMS Automation

Hi Corey, You can try using Vibes ( You can integrate this tool with marketo to use the flow step.

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Sant Singh Rathaur