Smart Campaign Warning: "Unexpected Hiccup"

Level 2

Smart Campaign Warning: "Unexpected Hiccup"

"This is rare, but the Smart Campaign experienced an unexpected hiccup and some flow steps may not have succeeded."

Until recently, I think I had only received one or two of these errors, if any, in 1.5 years of using Marketo. As of March 16th, 2019, I've received 26 of them. They're all related to the same smart campaign that I use to process Lead Source / Person Source, and they loosely coincide with a change I made to make the Smart Campaign flow steps more granular, but I can't trace back my steps to figure out what could have gone wrong.

The smart campaign is relatively simple yet detailed:

  • Smart list:
    • [Trigger] Person is Created
    • [Filter] Person Source is Blank
  • Flow steps:
    • 10 Min Wait Step
    • "Remove from Flow" Flow Step Choice if Person Source ≠ Blank
    • Change Data Value: Lead Source – If the created person is a member of any of my smart lists that correspond to our person source logic, then change Person Source to X
      • I.E. If Member of Smart List = Organic Social, Change Data Value of Person Source to Organic Social
    • Change Data Value: Sub Lead Source – Same smart list-based logic, but for our Sub Lead Source field

There are 24 different "choices" for the CDV for Person Source, and 31 for the Sub Lead Source field. Any ideas about what could be happening?