Showing Error after ABM CSV is uploaded

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Showing Error after ABM CSV is uploaded

I am trying to upload the CSV file with company accounts for ABM targeting. Once I am done with the uploading, it show the status as "Uploading Error" and "Edit and Delete" are disabled. I tried adding the account lists thrice and every time I am getting the same error while there are some other account lists which were created few days back. Those are shown as Active and there was no such error generated.

It does not display what kind of upload error it is. Can somebody help knowing the reason

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Showing Error after ABM CSV is uploaded

We've been experiencing similar list import issues in our instance.  Just be careful on repeating the process in a short timeframe.  Rather than de-dupe against existing leads/accounts, Marketo will create duplicates from each additional list-import try (if done within a few minutes apart).  We learned the hard way after receiving these types of errors.  We had a minor cleanup effort on our hands afterwards.