Sharing the love with ABM

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Sharing the love with ABM

I love Valentines day. This morning I got to wake up early and help my wife prepare the house for a special breakfast for our boys. It was an awesome start to the day.

To keep the loving feeling going, I thought I'd share one way that we are sharing love with our prospective customers.

We are just launching an organic ABM campaign internally, and one of the first pieces of content that we're going to send out to prospective customers is a printed infographic showing how our user's industry is doing. I've put the infographic below. To make this, I grabbed a template from Envato (less than $50) and we hired an UpWork contractor to do the design ($50). We contacted the university that did the survey and got their permission to use the data. We're printing them out and mailing them to prospective customers, with a handwritten note paper-clipped to the infographic. We're sending them in a tube, via USPS first class, with the expectation that we'll be getting most recipients to open the mailer.

Boom! We're hoping for love at first sight... or at least enough love to get them into the awareness bucket.

What magic touch points have you found that work in your ABM efforts?