Sharing campaign results across workspaces

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Sharing campaign results across workspaces

Do you work in a global organisation with multiple workspaces? Do you run campaigns centrally and find it difficult to share results and leads with other users in other workspaces?

I faced this barrier with every global campaign I ran with the team. We ran our campaigns from the global workspace but then the regional workspaces, managed by our country level marketing colleagues, needed the insight into these campaigns for insight and follow-ups.
We resorted to exporting lists and sharing spreadsheets, as you know, this was not ideal, for lots of reasons, especially as all our teams have access to Marketo.

So I had a little play around and found a neat little trick: it is possible to share smartlists that reference a local asset across workspaces. Hurray.
I have admin rights and access to all the workspaces in our instance.

Here's how:

  • Create a folder in the Lead Database under Group Smartlists. You can name it shared smartlists or the name of the business unit for example.
  • Right click on the folder and click on share folder. You can choose which workspaces you you want to make the folder available to.
  • Create a smartlist under this folder
  • Use the member of program filter and select the appropriate program. Add any other constraints and other filters you need.
  • It is as easy as that! Once this is created, all the folders you create beneath will be visible to all the workspaces, and available to see as you work on them.  you shared it with, so you only need to do this once.

People that do not have access to the parent workspace will have to clone the smartlist to adapt to their needs. The good news is, references to the local program will be ported over

I would love to hear from you if you found this helpful or if this needs more clarification.