SFDC sync one object from multiple sources

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SFDC sync one object from multiple sources

We have Salesforce sync with Marketo. There are a few objects linked to Contact from multiple sources. For example,

contact -> attendee -> event (Event object is linked to Attendee object then to Contact)

contact -> submission -> event (Event object is linked to Submission object then to Contact)

Currently we have the sync to attendee and event under attendee. So we can use attendee and event info in filters and constraints. 

We also want to use submission and event under submission in filters and constraints. We can sync submission but cannot sync event under submission, because "event" (the fieldname) has been used under attendee/event. I can do "has submission" but can't limit to what event in the submission (constraints), which is useless for such smart list.


Marketo techsupport told me there is no way to sync the event under submission (again, because it's synced under attendee) unless we change the fieldname "event" under submission in Salesforce.  I cannot change such fieldname in Salesforce because that will break lots of our reports and maybe other structures in SF as well. Also, this is not the only case structured like this; it's even more so that I can't change anything in Salesforce.  I am wondering if anybody has the same or similar issue and if there is a workaround. 



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Re: SFDC sync one object from multiple sources

Are you able to sync it by changing the name of "Event" within Marketo rather than Salesforce? Marketo already has an object synced called Event, but if you changed it in this new path to "Event 2" or something like that within the custom object sync interface in Marketo, I can't see any reason why it would not sync the object again under this new Marketo custom object. It does mean you have two copies of your Event object synced to Marketo, but it'd get you want you want in terms of targeting?