SFDC Sync Issue - 32000 Marketo Records Unsuccessfully synced to SFDC

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SFDC Sync Issue - 32000 Marketo Records Unsuccessfully synced to SFDC

Our Marketo/SFDC time had exceeded 16 hours at one point last week. We submitted a support ticket, in which case, they've informed us that the cause was due to failures in syncing records between the two systems, resulting in sync error messages on the activity logs. They've also provided us with a link to a community post with guidance on how we can obtain a full list records that have unsuccessfully synced to SFDC (https://nation.marketo.com/docs/DOC-6008-filter-out-the-list-of-leads-who-failed-to-sync-to-sfdc).

Following the guidance from the post, we discovered that there were 32,991 records in Marketo that have unsuccessfully synced to SFDC.

We attempted to match these records to any existing ones that we have in SFDC. We were able to match ~6,000 of the ~32,000. The cause for these 6,000 records not syncing to SFDC was due to the fact that they were duplicate. We will revisit this at a later point in time.

My concern now is around the ~26,000 remaining leads that are NOT in SFDC. Some of the error messages I found were still related to Duplication Issues, however it's strange since these leads don't actually exist in SFDC.

I also ran a smart list to determine if these leads were deleted from SFDC at some point and only found 13 leads for this.

Has anyone dealt with an issue like this in the past? How have you addressed? What could I be missing? Any help is greatly appreciated!