SFDC Sync Fields Question

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SFDC Sync Fields Question

Hi Everyone,

I have a quick question regarding changing fields in SFDC and having them update in Marketo.

Within the Lead Detail portion of all of our leads in SFDC, we have a drop down labeled "Industry Category", where the person assigning this field can choose from a number of values including: Higher Education, Healthcare, Economic Development, Government, K-12 Education, Business, Non-Profit and Other.

We've recently changed the selections to this drop down by eliminating Business and Non-Profit and rearranging the way they are displayed in the list that is shown.

We use this field primarily to identify what market the customer is interested in. For instance, I include the field on almost every form that users fill out (and give it a different name), so that we can get the most information on the customer as possible.

When we made the changes to this field, it didn't seem to sync correctly in Marketo. All of the old fields still remain and the order does not match SFDC. Any idea as to why this is? I went into the advanced field editor within the form and manually placed in the items in the order I want, but that obviously isn't idea. 99% of the times changes made in SFDC to anything in the Lead Detail section is automatically transfered over to Marketo for us.

Again, any feedback as to why this may be happening or a solution to somehow pull the new values out of SFDC and place them in that field in my Marketo form would be great.

Thanks all!


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Re: SFDC Sync Fields Question

Hi Chris,

Have you done the same change on accounts / contacts ? This may explain some of the discrepancies you observe.

Second possibility, some leads in Marketo are not synchronized with SFDC. Either because they never have been (in which case the SFDC Type [LEAD] in Marketo is empty) or because the lead or contact in SFDC has been deleted but this was not reflected in Marketo (in which case you can find them with a "Lead was deleted from SFDC" filter.