SFDC Sync and New Leads

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SFDC Sync and New Leads

We are running a campaign with a wait step that is synced to SFDC. Leads that open the email are set with a sync to marketo value of true, and those that don't, remain unsynced.

Yesterday our 2nd email went out in our wait step, a lead opened the email, responded, and then was responded to through SFDC side. Our salesman changed the record from "lead" to "contact" and now there are two lead records with the same name and email address in Marketo - a new lead was created based on the change of status for the old.
One is synced as true, and one is synced as false.


Is there some error on our side, or is this something Marketo does that I have yet to hear of?

Thank you.
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Re: SFDC Sync and New Leads

Looks like your SFDC rep created a net new lead then converted that net new lead to an account to associate an opportunity when they should have converted the existing lead record. Possible created the opportunity from the account and not from the lead record. 

I would speak directly with that lead owner ‘Switzerland’.
  • On your 2nd Screenshot (with more history):
  • A new lead was created in Marketo through a list upload on the 11/4/13
  • Then was synced to SFDC on the 11/13/13
  • Lead owner was assigned to ‘Switzerland’ soon after with a lead status of ‘Open’.
  • An email was sent on 11/19/13 called ‘Vet New Leads:Email 01’.
  • A SFDC activity was created, generally a sales email from SFDC on the 11/20/13
  • 1st Screenshot (with less history):
  • New lead created in SFDC on the 11/20/13
  • Changed the owner to ‘Switzerland’.
  • Added to opportunity called ‘CST-‘