SFDC custom object

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SFDC custom object

Is there any way to push data through Marketo to a custom SFDC object? I have an object for our annual satisfaction survey. We use Survey Monkey to Marketo integration for the survey itself so I can get the data into Marketo. My problem is how do I get it into SFDC without having to do spreadsheet uploads. If I create a custom object in Marketo and feed it into that, can I feed that object into my SFDC object? Any ideas?

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Re: SFDC custom object

Hi Amber,

This question really belongs to Products . Marketing Central is really for generic marketing questions. You should move it, you would get more numerous and faster answers.

Once the custom object is created in Marketo (and in Marketo first), there is no possibility to send it back to SFDC. The only SFDC custom objects that can be sync'ed have to be created in SFDC first and mapped. And even though, the sync in one-way, from SFDC to Marketo.

If you really need this data in SFDC, you will need to go through some custom integrations (API or ETL). Not all ETL out there support Marketo custom object, though, so have a close look if you want to go that route.