Several Technical questions

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Several Technical questions


I have several technical questions, that I encountered when trying to send out a Business Review Newsletter, that has many token values to populate it:

1. How can I import the currency symbols for Euro (€), Pound (£) and others in a string value field? If I try to import a file with these symbols it will display a question mark instead. Only the $ sign displays properly. I tried ASCII code as well, but it didn't work

2. Can I have conditional formating tokens?
for example if the value from a field is "0" I want the token to display "False" and if it's 1 I want the token to display "True" in the newsletter. Can it also be done using collors, for false to highlight it in red and for false to highlight it in green.

Or if there are other ways to do this, without using tokens, what would those be?

3. This newsletter is meant to be sent to some customers directly, but for some of them we intend to send the newsletter to the CSM instead.

The question is, how can I send a CSM (lead owner) multiple emails, from different leads with their specific customized newsletter without doing it one by one? it would be a Many to One situation.

4. This one is the hardest: for some accounts we have multiple opportunities associated to one contact (one email address), therefore this contact should receive a separate newsletter for each opportunity - with the appropiate business numbers, but the challenge is having only one email address  that need to contain separate values for each oppy.
How can I store these different values for each oppy, and send the corresponding newsletter to the same email address?

Is there another unique key I can use to store the values separately for each opportunity? or how do you see this happening?

For a much clearer explanation, consider a multinational company, like HP, that has different online bussineses for each country, therefore for each country/region a separate opportunity was created, but having only one person managing the entire region  (that is why only one email address was associated to all opportunities). Due to the fact that we're sending sensitive data in this newsletter, we can't send it out to a different email address.

Looking forward for some ideas and suggestions on how to deal with this tough situation.

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Re: Several Technical questions

Hi Mihai,

IMHO, you should rather split your question in multiple posts in the community... It would make it much quicker to read, easier to answer and to follow-up. Furthermore, I am afraid very few people will be tempted to open a post titled "several technical questions"


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Re: Several Technical questions

Hi Mihai,

These are quite technical yes, hopefully this is a little helpful:

1. This should work for you: Import a Non-Latin Characters List - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

4. Have you considered custom fields and perhaps different send days to allow multiple emails to go out?