Setting Up Trigger for SFDC

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Setting Up Trigger for SFDC


I wanted to see if anyone knew how to set up a trigger for a program that will sync to SFDC?

Our current process is:  when a lead comes through to our Marketo instance, it first gets enriched by our company's software that is built within Marketo. The lead is given a "score" (scores are rates from 10-100 and the higher the score, the better the match the lead is for our company). Those then all get routed to SFDC and go through our normal lead routing to our SDRs. But the issue is that everything get rushed to SFDC, regardless  if they have a high score (good match or not good match)

Our goal: We would like to set up some sort of trigger where if the lead has a score higher than 70, it would be pushed through SFDC and go through our lead routing. If its lower than 70, then it would get pushed to "Nurture Campaign" in SFDC. We are thinking that we can set up a hidden checkbox in SFDC that says "MQL" if the score is high and and if the score is low its unchecked. How would we set that up in Marketo to where if there is a high score the "MQL" Checkbox would check and it would go through to our lead routing, and if its low, it would get sent to our "Nurture"  Campaign?

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Setting Up Trigger for SFDC

Hey Tara,

Based on your example above, you would first need to create the "MQL" field in Salesforce and make sure it is synced to Marketo. An alternative would be to use the "Lead Status" field in Salesforce and have a status for "MQL" for those that score over 70 and a "Nurture" status for those under 70.

You can then create a "Data value changes" trigger and add the constraint "New Value is at least 70".


The flow action could change "Lead Statues" (or your custom field) to "MQL"