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Setting Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Hi Marketo Nation,

There is a not a lot of information on setting up the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form in Marketo. Does anyone have information on setting up a triggered campaign with these forms or insight to tips and tricks that have worked for you?

Our team has set up the service in launchpad and has completed all steps in the process as it shows on the product docs here: Set Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

What we are now having trouble with is setting up a triggered campaign in Marketo. What are the best steps to set this up?

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Re: Setting Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

In our smart campaign, we used the "Fills Out LinkedIn Lead Gen Form" trigger with constraints of Lead Gen Form Name and Lead Gen Account Name (we have multiple LinkedIn accounts). You could also focus in on the specific Campaign Name or Creative Name, but triggering off the Form level made the most sense for us. We have some data management flow steps set up to normalize the data for several of the field values we're capturing. In LinkedIn, you don't have much control over what value is passed for Marketo, so in many cases we have to "fix" the data before syncing the lead to our CRM. We decided not to send an autoresponder/welcome email to our LinkedIn leads, but you could do that as well if it makes sense with your CTA. Then we sync the lead to SFDC.

We had challenges getting any values to show up in our Fills Out LinkedIn Lead Gen Form trigger, and spent months going back and forth between Marketo Support and LinkedIn. In the end, there were some inherent integration issues that Marketo and LinkedIn seemed to solve. Hopefully you don't fun into issues with that, but if you do, you may have to reach out to Support. It's also annoying that there wasn't a way to submit a test lead from LinkedIn, so had to carefully monitor everything after we activated it.

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Re: Setting Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Hey Ruth, we're in a similar situation with the Account Names. Are the ones used in the constraints the same as the ones seen in the Launchpoint setup?

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Re: Setting Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

The way we have set up is:

In the filter we say "Fills out Linkedin Lead Gen Form" - "Form Name"

We are excluding any of the competitors here.

In the flow step - " We are adding the leads to a list - Do not sync" and changing the status to not to sync that lead to Salesforce " - This program status is excluded in the Master sync campaign to Salesforce"

So now, when leads are added to Do not sync list, we send it to our CDP team to update any relevant information of the leads before we pass it to the Salesteam (Salesforce), once the leads are updated with the relevant/missing information. We add it to the CDP Completed leads.

Now, we have a parent campaign, which says: As soon as the lead is added it to CDP Completed list - sync the leads to salesforce and update the information " Lead source recent, Lead source detail, Change program status" ( You can update this as per your requirement")

Also, make sure when you map fields in the launch point, you map Work email to email field in Marketo, as Marketo is facing issue of passing leads with empty email address.



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Re: Setting Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

One thing that I would add is that the specific Lead Gen Form I set up in LinkedIn did not show up as a criteria option till the first lead filled out the form. After that I could use the "Fills out LinkedIn Lead Gen Form" trigger and selected that specific form name.

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Re: Setting Up LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Does anyone know if you're able to set up multiple LinkedIn Lead Gen Launch Points in one instance? Thanks!