September LaunchPoint Partner Snapshot

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September LaunchPoint Partner Snapshot

September's Partner Snapshot is with LaunchPoint Partner Fliptop. Fliptop, Marketo and joint customer, TrackMaven, will be speaking on a webinar on Wednesday to share more about how you can use predictive lead scoring and Marketo together to boost predictable revenue. Read on below to find out more about Fliptop and how they are empowering marketers. The answers below were provided by Fliptop's Director of Marketing, Jessica Cross.

1. Tell us about yourself and role at Fliptop
I am director of marketing at Fliptop.  I head up all demand generation, customer acquisition, nurturing, field marketing, events, and sales enablement.  My real passion is building a great marketing campaign and watching the leads come in and turn into opportunities.  I enjoy working closely with the sales team to make sure all my marketing campaigns have good follow up and prove that marketing efforts drive pipeline and revenue. 

2. What challenges do marketers experience with lead scoring?
Most lead scoring systems that marketers have in place do a great job of highlighting a lead's activity and readiness to talk to sales.  The scoring is built around what the lead downloads on the site, what emails they open and click, how often they visit the website.  What I’ve seen happen in many Marketo instances is that leads can rack up high scores after digesting lots and lots of content, but the high score doesn’t reflect if the lead will actually purchase. 
When this happens, sales starts to not trust or even use the lead score. Since sales has quotas to meet and will do whatever they can to make their number so they might ignore lead score and start cherry picking leads according to which they think are the best.  What is missing from the equation is the demographic fit of the lead which predictive lead scoring can quickly determine. The predictive lead score shows how likely the lead is to buy from you.
3. How is Fliptop helping solve this challenge?
Fliptop’s predictive lead score is tied to historical wins. This means the lead score can predict which lead will actually convert and which lead is not a good fit for the solution you sell. Our predictive algorithm analyzes all customers and scans thousands of data signals actoss the public web and proprietary data sources to figure out the digital fingerprint of your ideal customer.  With that information we can score all the leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts in your database according to how closely it matches the ideal customer. 

I’ve been telling my customers to think of your traditional lead score as the “activity” fit – the lead’s activities suggest a propensity to become a customer – and predictive score as their “demographic” fit – the lead’s fingerprint matches those of your existing customers. Leads that exhibit high levels of activity but have a low predictive score have a far lower propensity to purchase from you. Leads with a high predictive score, regardless of their activity score, still have a higher propensity to purchase from you.
With this information marketing team can send over the top quality leads to sales for immediate follow, sales can call the top quality leads first and focus on the best opportunities.  All this leads to better sales and marketing alignment, improved conversion rates, more pipeline and closed business. 
To learn more about predictive lead scoring register for Wednesday's webinar!
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