Re: Sending Reminder Emails in 2 weeks interval

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Sending Reminder Emails in 2 weeks interval

Here is business problem:
I have list of leads uploaded in Marketo.

Send reminder email to memember of list to submit support form.
After 2 weeks I need to check who did not submitted form (people who submits form fields gets updated in SF), and then send them second reminder email to submit form.

People keeps getting added in list, so new leads should only receive again first email.

Before sending 2nd reminder email, how do i check its waited for 2 weeks and then send reminder email only who has received just first email.

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Re: Sending Reminder Emails in 2 weeks interval

Hi Archana,

Lots of ways to get to this solution. I assume this is part of some kind of ongoing campaign where you can set and forget (as opposed to a batch campaign).

The end result of below is a trackable Support Request program that automatically sends reminders.

Create a Program
You could create a Program called Support Signup of something like that. Within that Program, create a List called Members and setup similar to below.

Have a Registered progresion that let you track membership and signups.

The Trigger Campaign - The Key
Use a an "Added to List" trigger to the Send Follwips Campaign. A person will get added everytime you upload the list to the local program list. For ongoing management, all you do is import and this campaign will take care of the rest. If the person registered in the past two weeks, the person woould be skipped.

This is a pretty simple example so you might need to add different criteria.


Hope all is well with you and good luck.
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Re: Sending Reminder Emails in 2 weeks interval

Thanks Jeff, hope your doing good too !!
Definetely your guideline is helpful.