Sending Recurring Alerts for Non-Leads

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Sending Recurring Alerts for Non-Leads

Hi Everyone!

I've recently encountered a particular use-case and am curious if anyone here has had a similar situation:

We have a requirement to send out alerts to a subcontractor email that should go out every other week.  I imagined a combination of the Send Alert flow step and the Smart Campaign's Schedule Recurrence to be the perfect solution. 



But in this case the person to send to is a subcontractor, which we wanted to avoid putting in the database - thus we couldn't reference him in the Smart List.  So in order to satisfy the Smart List requirement, I ended up creating a dummy static list, added myself into it, and added that to the 'Member of List' filter - just so the Smart Campaign would run. 


When I tested it, it does work, but it just feels a bit hackey. 

I realize there are probably better and specifically designed tools for this task, but it's just a little aspect of the whole project, that I was hoping on avoiding signing up to a different service and instead streamline everything inside Marketo.

Would love to hear your ideas on how to get a more elegant solution!