Sending emails in Arab

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Sending emails in Arab

Does anybody has successfuly sent an email in Arab language?

The wording gets mixed up when the email is right oriented. I coudl not fidn anything in the Marketo documentation about supporting right oriented languages.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Sending emails in Arab

Generally, for right to left text direction in HTML, it’s best to use markup rather than CSS or Unicode. But sometimes you just have to go with CSS.
Marketo may have already set as a default to display left to right and may prove difficult to add a dir attribute to the html tag to set the default base direction.
Below are some examples:
CSS is as follows:
[dir='ltr'], [dir='rtl'] {
            unicode-bidi: -webkit-isolate;
            unicode-bidi: -moz-isolate;
            unicode-bidi: -ms-isolate;
            unicode-bidi: isolate;
bdo[dir='ltr'], bdo[dir='rtl'] {
            unicode-bidi: bidi-override;
            unicode-bidi: -webkit-isolate-override;
            unicode-bidi: -moz-isolate-override;
            unicode-bidi: -ms-isolate-override;
            unicode-bidi: isolate-override;
In your body:
<p>ltr-text <span dir=rtl>RTL-TEXT</span></p>
Check out more information here at
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Re: Sending emails in Arab

So I have found the answer to this!

The trick is to add this piece of code at the beginning of your text block, in the html.

<div dir="rtl" lang="ar">

And then all your text reads left to right, and the punctuation is in the right place. This also applies when you have tokens, which is great!

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Re: Sending emails in Arab

Thanks Emily for sharing. I did not know that. I can check my new thing to learn for today