send email to only newly added leads on list

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send email to only newly added leads on list

If I add new leads/emails to an already existing list, is there a way to set up up my campaign so only the new leads/emails receive the emails associated with that campaign?

For example - I add a list with 100 leads and then run an email campaign with that list. Then 1 week later, I reupload this list with 5 new leads on the list and I want that same email campaign to go out to only those 5 new leads, not all 105 leads because the first 100 leads already received these emails the week prior.

Is there any way to avoid this situation?


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Re: send email to only newly added leads on list

Hi Jenny,

I am assuming here that you are using a smart campaign to send the email. If you are using the exact same campaign to send the email, you can set the qualification on the Schedule Tab: 

Click Schedule Tab

Click EDIT button for Smart Campaigns Settings

Make sure that lead are only running through this campaign once:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.58.41 PM.png

This will ensure that only the leads that have not run through this campaign before will be sent the email.  You can check who will actually receive the email by checking the Smart List status.  If you click set to effect... it will show you a list of who will receive the email.

More info on Smart Campaigns:

Understanding Smart Campaigns - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

View Qualified Leads in a Smart Campaign - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

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Re: send email to only newly added leads on list

Caryl Mostacho​'s response is correct. You could also change your Smart Campaign from batch to trigger. For example, if you want to immediately/automatically send the same email to any new list members, you could edit your campaign to be:

Smart List: Added to List > List is YOUR LIST NAME (you could add a constraint here that limits to only those people added within the past hour, day, etc)

Flow: Send Email > Email is YOUR EMAIL NAME

Schedule: Each lead can run through the flow ONCE

This way, you don't have to set a recurrence. Whatever your preference is!