Send Alert vs Send Email for rep follow-up...

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Send Alert vs Send Email for rep follow-up...

Hi everyone! I wanted to ask this of the community.

I have a very important client conference coming up where we really need to try to reach everyone.  As we know, Marketing Automation never reaches everyone in a B2B environment.  About 65% of our audience did not open the email.

In return, the sales reps have asked to be CC'ed on emails going out so they can easily respond. While technically possible, that basically seems like a terrible idea due to the tracking and cookie placement issues in that feature. The CC feature feels more like a feature to use if you have a secondary email address, NOT sending to a different person.

Has anyone used a marketing email as an Alert before? I feel like you could hook up a marketing email and deliver it to the SFDC Account Owner this way for anyone who didn't open the email after 3 days. That way, the rep can just reply/forward via Outlook and they'll have the email in their inbox to make it easier.

Does that work? And what tracking issues do I need to be concerned about? I feel like it would need the 'disable open tracking' checked on the email...but what else do I need to watch for with this strategy? 

Thanks so much in advance!