Scoring question

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Scoring question

I'm trying to do the following:

If someone visit our blog area once - give them 2 points

If someone visit our blog area twice - give them +8 in addition

If someone visit our blog area 3 times - give them +10 in addition.

But I want it in 2 conditions:

1. That it's not the same page (I thought of using the trigger "Visit Web Page" and then add constraint of "Min. Number of Times" = 3, but I don't know how to ask for the page not to be the same...)

2. That it's at the same day

Can that be done? Any ideas?

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Re: Scoring question

Hi Yifat

  • You can only count the number of pages viewed, not the number of visit. This is done through using a "min number of times" constraint to the "visited web page" filter or "visits web page" trigger
  • You cannot count it "In the same day" if you are talking Calendar day, but you can indeed limit it to be "within the last 24 hours". This is using the "date of activity" constraint
  • You cannot unfortunately make sure that this is done on the different pages. Vote here:


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Re: Scoring question

Hi Yifat,

Looks like Greg's got this. If you really care about the lead visiting separate pages, you could consider 'grouping' your pages into categories. For example, if you were running a company that blogged about MarTech, you could have categories on Lead Gen, Demand Gen, ABM, etc. Then, you could set up separate smart campaigns for each category.

Scoring campaign:

     Visited web page containing blog/leadGen -> +2 points

Then you can add extra points for leads who are members of both the LeadGen and ABM smart campaigns, etc.

This is not really scalable if you have a ton of categories or plan on adding categories on an ongoing basis, but it could help give insights into leads with broader interests in your content.