Scaling GoToWebinar with Marketo

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Scaling GoToWebinar with Marketo


We recently migrated to Marketo and are trying to figure out how to best scale our GTW webinars with Marketo. Currently, we have 2 webinars/week and they are set up as a series in GTW. The purpose of our webinars is for contacts to essentially ask our Support Team any questions they may have. Contacts are able to see our webinar schedule months in advance and register for a webinar that fits their schedule. These webinars generate only a handful of attendees. However, from what I have read, it looks like Marketo does not support series in GTW. Has anyone figured out a work-around so I don't have to create 104 Event Programs in Marketo to support the webinars we have twice a week?

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Re: Scaling GoToWebinar with Marketo

Hi Elizabeth,

Indeed, Marketo does not support series. Yet, once you have prepared the first webinar of the series, cloning it to get the 104 is going to take some time, but not days,if the first one is well designed, using program tokens.

The hardest point will be to create the umbrella registration program with all the dates: on registration, you will have to send the lead as a registered member of the right webinar, which will take a smart campaign is many choices in the "change program member" flow step.


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Re: Scaling GoToWebinar with Marketo

This is well documented on the Champ Blogs and on my site:

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