Salesforce outage

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Salesforce outage

There was the server outage on our Salesforce instance yesterday. It was about 25 minutes according to Salesforce Trust page. I'd like to make sure that the change in Marketo during this time period (plus 10-15 minutes just in case) has been synced. If not, then I'd like to run a batch to sync it. Does anyone has best practice to audit the sync after the outage?

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Re: Salesforce outage

Any records already in Salesforce will have synced during the regular sync cycles.

Records that newly entered Marketo and where you're only means of syncing is if you only have the one "Person is created" > "Sync to SFDC" smart campaign, are affected

Generally, you can check for any affected records by creating a smart list and filtering for:

Created date is (date of outage) AND SFDC Created date is empty