Salesforce Events in Marketo?

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Re: Salesforce Events in Marketo?

Yoav Guttman what happened with this. I am trying to the same- using the SFDC Task and/or Event type activities.

I agree subject constraint is not enough. That what we are using right now. but as we introduce different sales tools like Gong and Salesloft it would be great to track and trigger based on that sales activity using Marketo.

Can we add a custom "Activity" type field in Marketo that synch to SFDC? Did you find a solution to this?

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Re: Salesforce Events in Marketo?

Hey Raj Jain​ and Yoav Guttman

The method that Gaines Murfee​ mentions above should accomplish what you are looking to do. It will require a basic understanding of Process Builder in Salesforce but once it's setup it can automate the triggering of Smart Campaigns based on Event Type in Salesforce. This is something I've run into a few times so you aren't reliant on Sales Reps to enter the correct subject line for events.

1. Create a new custom field on leads in Salesforce with a name like "Last Event Type"


2. Go to Process Builder and set up a Process that is triggered when an event is created or updated


3. Configure the process so that each time the "event type" changes, it updates your "Last Event Type" field on the related lead.

NOTE: Make sure you have full access to the "event type" field on the Event object if you aren't seeing it as an option.





4. Test that your new custom field is being updated in Salesforce and make sure that it's mapped and syncing with Marketo.

Once all of this is in place, you should be able to trigger smart campaigns off the new field. Let me know if this works for you or if anyone else has found a better way to accomplish this.

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Re: Salesforce Events in Marketo?

What we did is remove the "Subject" field so the sales team couldn't see it. Marketo can see standard fields from Tasks but not most custom fields.

Then we put a custom field (a picklist) that lets them choose "type" and we made a workflow in SFDC that took custom type and connected it to subject. Marketo then triggered off of subject. This allowed us to have a 'pretty' interface with nicer naming and we didn't have to worry about Sales using naming conventions. Instead they could choose from a custom picklist.