SalesForce Cannot Update Lead - Marketo Error

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SalesForce Cannot Update Lead - Marketo Error

Hey I have been getting this error for months and I have spoken with both SFDC & Marketo on different calls but no one was really able to give me a clear answer and I haven't been able to circle back with them (busy busy!).

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 3.57.03 PM.png

@ any other SFDC x Marketo users out there:
- Has anyone else seen this error;
- What *specifically* is the issue; and
- How do I fix/avoid it?!
Thanks in advance!
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Re: SalesForce Cannot Update Lead - Marketo Error

Kim Adams

It would appear the DupeCatcher app is preventing the Marketo Sync user from creating new leads.

I would suggest contacting support for that app and see if there's a way to exclude the Sync user from DupeCatcher validation, since apps like that are really intended for user input screens not automated de-duping.

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Re: SalesForce Cannot Update Lead - Marketo Error

If what Justin recommends does not work, search in salesforce another lead/contact that is likely to be a duplicate with the one you are trying to insert. 2 outcomes here :

  • Either this is really a duplicate, based on email, and it's likely that you are forcing insertion of a new lead in SFDC as a contact exist. This happens when you sync a new lead and assign it to a queue
  • Or Dupecatcher is configured in a way that "catches" as duplicates leads that should not be, and therefore you should consider modifiying these rules.