Salesforce Campaign ID Token - for creating tasks

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Salesforce Campaign ID Token - for creating tasks

In our Marketo instance we currently have several smart campaigns live, that create tasks in Salesforce with a JSON payload to be picked up and added to email results within SF. We do this for the following triggers (across all programs):


- Email Delivered
- Email Opened
- Hard Bounce
- Link Clicked
- Resent Invalid Email
- Soft Bounce
- Unsubscribed

But at the moment, we are trying to find a solution that we can include the originating Salesforce Campaign Name/ID used as a filter in the program, but use a token to include the Campaign Name/ID in the JSON Payload within the task, this is to avoid the manual task of identifying the email name in Marketo, and linking it to the relevant SF campaign, if we can provide the correct ID we can automate the process. Does anyone have any thoughts/experience on how this can be done?

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Re: Salesforce Campaign ID Token - for creating tasks

I'm looking for something similar!  I haven't been able to find a way to get the analytics from Marketo into Salesforce after a campaign has run, and I want to automate it so it can be updated weekly with a sync. We have so many campaigns that it isn't sustainable to do it manually over an entire year. Did you find a solution to this at all?

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