Sales Insights - Outlook plug-in

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Sales Insights - Outlook plug-in

I'm getting ready to have 3 sales people start using the Outlook plug-in. But I' trying to figure out where and how they can know if the email was delivered, opened and clicked? We are connected to SF and I tested this with another co-worked, who has a contact record in SF, but the only data I saw under activity history was her clicking the link.

I'd love some recommendation on how to best notify the sales person when the person opened and clicked the email so they know to follow-up/call quickly.  Also, I don't believe we will be using templated emails, so I won't have a standard subject line to help me pull a list.

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Re: Sales Insights - Outlook plug-in

Hi Jamie,

You can have Marketo create activities on the Lead or Contact that was sent the email for Sent, Received, Opened, and Clicked. This is in the Salesforce settings under Edit Sync Options in the Admin section of Marketo. See screenshot:

Marketo Sales Insight Sales Email Activities.png

I'd be careful with how many you turn on though, that way you're not logging too many activities for the same email on one record. For Example, if all were turned on, and a lead clicked on one the sales emails, that lead would have 4 tasks logged: one closed task for being sent the email, another for receiving the email, a third for opening, and a fourth for clicking.

For alerts (or interesting moments), you can create smart campaigns using these triggers or filters (you can also add a constraint for Sent By if needed for creating separate smart campaign for each rep):

Marketo Sales Insight Sales Email Activities Filters and Triggers.png

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Re: Sales Insights - Outlook plug-in

Hi - are you looking for an active notification (such as send alert to sales if email is clicked) or just a place they can check? Marketo Sales Insight itself on the Email tab shows when someone has opened and clicked (and shows a click+ symbol if multple clicks are registered).

If you need an active, real-time notification method I'd +1 to Augie's idea above on sending an alert based on the "Clicks Link in Sales Email" trigger, but that will send the sales rep an alert every single time this happens, and could get overwhelming in larger volumes.

My preferred method here is to send a daily summary to the sales rep of who clicked their sales emails using a smart list subscription. That way first thing in the morning they have a list of who clicked on their MSI/Sales emails the day before, and they can use this to guide follow up.

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Re: Sales Insights - Outlook plug-in

Hi Veronica,


Can you explain how to set up the daily summary for who opens emails for each salesperson?


Thanks so much,


Marti Wheat