Sales Insight - Segmented Emails issue

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Sales Insight - Segmented Emails issue

Hi everyone,

I wanted to see if the community has experienced a similar issue as us. Our emails are dynamically segmented by language to make it easier to build and edit. When we view leads in Salesforce that should be receiving emails in French, the default English subject line and email displays for the individual French contacts. I have checked multiple leads, they are segmented in French in both Marketo and Salesforce and have tested the emails by leads to see what they should be receiving which are displaying the correct emails.

Sales Insight should display the segmented language subject line and email or else it causes confusion for us thinking the contact received the email in the wrong language. Has anyone else stumbled upon this or experienced this?

I'll submit this to Marketo support as well since it does seem like a tool issue and should not display the default information.

Below is an example, the French text are emails we displayed only in French but the titles in English were all segmented emails.


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Re: Sales Insight - Segmented Emails issue

Hi Ayan,

Definitely a case for support