Sales Insight "Create New View" Filters

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Sales Insight "Create New View" Filters

In my Sales Insight tab in Salesforce there's an option to "Create New View."  My sales team loves this as they are able to filter leads more efficiently.

However, it seems that when I add a filter I'm only capable of adding one value, trying to add multiple values and separating by commas results in no Best Bets showing up.  For example, I chose the filter of Sate/Province, opertator set to Contain, then Value of: AZ, CA, NV.  When I save I get no results.  When I use only one of these values I see a lot fo leads.

Similarly I cannot change the rules from AND to OR.  So if I try to add more filters to contain each state it still shows nothign since the rules or State/Province is AZ AND CA AND NV.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a way to do what I'm asking in Sales Insight? 
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Re: Sales Insight "Create New View" Filters

The Custom Views for Sales Insight only allows for single values for each filter and the logic for the filters is hard coded as "AND".