RTP Redirect rule is not working correctly

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RTP Redirect rule is not working correctly

Hi guys,

Below is the use case i am working on:

Current Functionality: I have many Marketo pages on my website from which a person can download different reports or case studies but before downloading, we ask that person to fill out the Marketo form and provide his details. So basically we have two pages(one Registration page and one ThankYou page)

Expected Functionality: What i need is, if a person has filled out the form once, he should not see the Registration page again. He should directly redirects to the ThankYou page.

I tried to achieve the above by using the Web Personalisation. I have followed below steps:

1. Implemented RTP on Marketo Landing Pages​.

2. Created a target segment in Web Personalisation section by defining email address value of mine:


3. Create a web campaign by selected above segment and giving target url and redirect url:



After following above steps, i am not able to achieve the functionality. It works only once after trying 100 times.


1. Is there something that i am missing in the configuration?

2. I looked in to below page but couldn't understand it completely.


Is there anything i can use?

3. Is there any other way to achieve this?

Any help would be appreciated.



Sanford Whiteman

Level 7

Re: RTP Redirect rule is not working correctly

There is a simpler way to do it.

on the form settings, choose custom Html in " if known visitor shown"

You can edit anything in the Html.


Ronen Wasserman