RTP - "Marketo Email Program" filter

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RTP - "Marketo Email Program" filter

So, I've just been doing some RTP building segments and campaigns.

The following filter is kinda difficult to understand.


Am I right in saying that this segment filter will match if someone clicks a link in an email that is sent by this smart campaign?

I've tested it a few times and it doesn't match if you're a member of the smart campaign.

Anyone used it and got it working?

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Re: RTP - "Marketo Email Program" filter

Hi Luke! Great question! The Marketo Email Campaign filter gives you the choice of targeting Marketo Programs (Program Name) or Smart Campaigns (Campaign Name). This feature does not target members of a particular campaign or program just because they are a member. Instead, it targets leads who visit your website as a direct result of click a link in the email(s) that were sent by the program or smart campaign specified in the filter. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions about RTP or segments!