Rotating Lead Assignments

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Rotating Lead Assignments

I'd like to assign leads to a list of reps as follows:
  • Give the 1st lead to rep A
  • Give 2nd lead to rep B
  • Give 3rd lead to rep C
and so forth until the list of reps is exhausted and then the next lead goes to rep A again.

I've tried using the "random sample" approach, but it does not consistently distribute leads in the right order.

Any ideas?
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Re: Rotating Lead Assignments

Yes, random sample will be random every time so it won't always go A-B-C. Do you use SFDC? If so google salesforce round robin and there are a good few solutions, mainly based on an auto number field helping out. It's a good solution if you need to apply this across the board but not great if this is just limited to certain lead sources as I think you can only have one set if lead assignment rules active at one time.