RingLead vs Cloudingo for data quality?

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RingLead vs Cloudingo for data quality?

Hi Community,

Is there anyone here who has had experience using Cloudingo (Enterprise) and RingLead (not at the same time)  for data quality management in an organization that uses Marketo and SFDC?  Which product do you prefer?

Some context: My organization is currently using RingLead to enhance the quality of our database.  More specifically, we rely upon the platform (and their webhook) to manage and prevent the creation of duplicate records across our Marketo/SFDC sync, our web to lead process flow, and when we manually upload a CSV file with a list of records.

Unfortunately, we have not been having a great experience working with this platform, both from a product standpoint and from a support standpoint.  The list load tool is missing some standard fields from the mapping, does not allow for any customization, and the saved templates we created have been unreliable at best (just to name a few of our pain points).  The web to lead de-duping is also too rigid for us, and duplicates are still being created.  The mass data cleanse is far too manual for a company of our size to use (we either have to pick ONE matching rule to apply to all our pre-existing dupes OR go through every single dupe record manually, one at a time).  In addition, the majority of the support/help links on their site reference dead links (I have told them this, no change was made) and efforts to communicate with their support team have been futile.

Cloudingo recently came onto my radar by way of a recommendation.  We took a demo and the product looks great— I don’t expect it will relieve ALL of our pain points, but it seems like it could bring us more value than RingLead has.  Even better, their support team also seemed great— very knowledgeable and also responsive.

Obviously making a platform switch like this can have big implications for our organization, so any thoughts that anyone is willing to share based on your own experiences would be very much appreciated.  Thank you in advance!


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Re: RingLead vs Cloudingo for data quality?

Replying long after this post. I joined RingLead around this time and about the same time a major investment was made in advancing the RingLead platform.  I can confidently attest that the product has been dramatically improved including its integration with Marketo. We now have hundreds of very happy Marketo users and would encourage anyone reading this thread to take a look at the new improved RingLead.