Revenue Stages (RCM): What's after Won?

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Revenue Stages (RCM): What's after Won?

Hi Everyone,

Just delving into learning more about the RCM and the various Revenue Stages. I've got a question:

What happens if someone has purchased, gone all the way through the Revenue Stages to Closed-Won, and is then added to a new opportunity?

Will this person remain in the Closed-Won Revenue Stage? Or will they be able to revert back into the Opportunity stage when they are added to a new opportunity so they can progress through the stages again? Is the RCM like a Program, in that you cannot revert back to a previous program status once you've achieved that status without being completely removed from a program?


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Re: Revenue Stages (RCM): What's after Won?

Hi Matt - you can have your revenue stages work however you'd like them to. Moving it back to an opportunity would be fine or you could move them in a different direction and call it upsell or client opportunity, indicating that they are already a current client.  RCM is not like a program - contacts/leads can move throughout and should as their status moves forward, backwards, stalls, etc.