Retiring Old Images in Design Studio

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Retiring Old Images in Design Studio

Hi Folks,

We have a images that are running long in the tooth and we would like to "retire" them and replace them on landing pages. What's the best way of doing this without going into each landing page/program and replacing manually?

I could only think of:

  • You can replace images in Design Studio, and the replaced image will be live across the pages which the old image used to occupy. This deletes the older image from the system, but it is the only automatic method I know of.
  • Have an "Archived Photos/Images" folder in to store the older images, and then replace by following the step above.


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Re: Retiring Old Images in Design Studio

Hi Danish,

The first method you described would be the easiest for you.  If you don't plan on using these images again, then it wouldn't matter if they're replaced by the new ones.  You could also download these images from your pages and store them somewhere else in case you ever needed them again.