Responsive Email Templates

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Responsive Email Templates

I've downloaded a couple of your email Templates - the EM Bizness & Amber Hope to work on for a campaign we have coming up. BUT there doesn't seem to be a way to alter the background colour of the cells (the blue colour in Bizness and the yellow in Amber Hope).  Please help - I'm assuming there must be a way to do this or else the templates are never going to fit individual brands?

Also is there the ability to delete cells in the templates to remove spacing issues?


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Re: Responsive Email Templates

You'll need to edit the template HTML.

To access the HTML, you go to the Design Studio -> Emails -> Templates -> Amber Hope (edit draft).

At this point, it's probably easiest to copy and paste and give the HTML code to someone who knows HTML.

If you like, you could try copying and pasting all the HTML into a notepad. For Amber Hope, you could do a find and replace of "fad00c" with "000000". This will make your colour change from yellow to black.

The good news is that I've heard Marketo is bringing in a new "guided template" feature for their emails, which will allow templates to be set up with "variables" that can be changed in a WYSIWG editor - or in English, you'll be able to change the colour of emails in a much easier manner in future.